Macbook pro 2020 redesign

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Macbook pro 2020 redesign

Is an Apple iMac on the way? The iconic all-in-one computer is due for an update, and with a rumored Apple event on March 31stand several iMac-related leaks and rumors bubbling up in recent weeks, it looks like the iconic iMac might be getting a makeover.

After seeing the iMac show up on our best all-in-one computer list for several years running, we're thrilled at the possibility of a new model with an updated look. Apple's iMac is one of the most recognizable all-in-one computers in the world, but you've got to admit, that after six years of the same slim unibody design, the iMac is due for a new design. Even the relatively minor color change on the Apple iMac Pro was refreshing, and that was just a change from the silver of bare aluminum to a darker space gray.

If Apple wants to shake things up, we'll need to see a new visual identity for the iMac, and the latest rumors suggest some radical changes are on the way. Apple hasn't made any formal announcements about a new iMac, but the company will often discuss desktop products during major launch events, with iMac-related news coming alongside announcements of iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.

While it's still only rumor, the next Apple event is expected to be held on March 31st. If Apple introduces a new iMac desktop during this event, it's likely that we'll see the new models come available toward the end of the year. The past two major Mac launches — the iMac Pro and the Mac Pro — were announced months before the actual retail availability, and both products launched in December. The current iMac models are available in two sizes: a The most recent update to these models was in Marchwhen the iMac got a hardware update to newer Intel processors, faster memory and new GPU options.

These changes were announced after a two-year stretch without updates.

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If there is no redesign announced, we expect the current models to continue selling through the end of the year, with no change in price. New models, however, could significantly change both the screen size options — almost definitely moving toward larger displays — and the price. Apple rarely shies away from raising prices, especially when it can point to new technologies and design elements to justify a higher price tag. Apple's last update to the iMac was inwith hardware updates that boosted the processing and video power of the Apple iMac While the iMac has a colorful history literallystretching back to the Bondi Blue iMac G3 inthe current slim unibody design is pretty much exactly what it's been sincewhen the slimmer, tapered design made minor updates to the aluminum design that was introduced in The last significant change was 's Apple iMac Pro, which adopted a darker anodized finish.

But aside from the space grey color palette, it also boasted some dramatically more powerful hardware than the average iMac to fill the workstation gap while the finishing touches were made to the new Mac Pro desktop.

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In fact, the iMac Pro is so powerful, that comparing the Mac Pro vs. The Apple iMac constitutes a billion-dollar business for Apple, so there's no reason to think that the iMac is going away. And with the bold new look introduced on the Mac Pro, like a reimagining of the "cheesegrater" ventilation grills and an elegantly engineered monitor and stand, it's no stretch to think that Apple might want to adopt some of these design elements in its post popular desktop computer.

And a recently uncovered Apple patent gives us a hint of where things might go in the near future. The patent design puts the display and keyboard into a single curved panel that rises up from the desk like an exaggerated ski-jump curve, with a wedge-shaped supporting base in the back that houses the guts of the computer. The keyboard would be flanked by dual trackpads, and the top portion of the all-in-one would be nothing but the sleek, no-doubt-stellar display.

The patent even includes a variant design that serves as a docking station for a MacBook laptop. Since the patent was found, designers have tried their hand at rendering the next-gen iMac. The first, the iMac as imagined by Jermaine Smitis a glossy black glass pane that looks like something out of a J. Abrams Star Trek movie.

The other, a rendering of the iMac by Yanko Designborrows several design cues from the recent Mac Pro desktop, adding the "Cheesegrater" ventilation grille to the rear stand, and giving the iMac concept a glossy black look that would be right at home in any Apple Store.

Since all of this is based on a patent that may never translate into a real product, these sketches and renders are pure speculation, but the very idea of new iMac design has us excited.When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.

The new MacBook Air has an improved keyboard, more storage, and the latest Intel processors. Apple announced the newest MacBook Air in a press releasewhich is standard fare for the company's computing product announcements. However, the list of changes here could have been enough to wow an audience at one of Apple's keynote addresses. Not only has the latest MacBook Air come down in starting price, it now comes with double the storage and the latest in Intel processors on top of that fresh keyboard.

Here's everything you should know before buying the latest MacBook Air Apple has changed the pricing a bit for its MacBook Air models. For instance, you're getting GB of solid-state drive SSD space now — twice as much as before — for the same price. Of course, both models come equipped with the same display as before, 8GB of memory, and Apple's new Magic Keyboard that first debuted on the inch MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Air has a new magic Keyboard. Orders made on March 18 will be delivered between March 23 and March 25, so it's essentially a week-long lead time before you'll receive your new Apple laptop. Also, at the time of writing, Apple has shut down all of its stores nationwide temporarily to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID So, in-store pickups will not be available for the foreseeable future.

Apple has made some interesting, almost invisible changes to the MacBook Air that you should know about before buying. For one, Apple has both introduced new processors CPUs to the lineup and slightly downgraded the entry-level model a bit in terms of comparative performance.

macbook pro 2020 redesign

This is the latest version of Intel's mobile CPUs, but could be a step down in terms of relative performance. Here's why. While still dual-core, they are one performance tier ahead of the i3 line of Intel's CPUs.

Finally, Apple has upped its battery life claims from hours of wireless web performance to 11, so you could expect small battery gains here year over year. All told, there are a few strong reasons to upgrade from the MacBook Air to the version, if you're able. It's also a fantastic time to buy Apple's lightest laptop, as this might be the best version yet considering all of these major changes.

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macbook pro 2020 redesign

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by the Insider Reviews team.Despite the ongoing pandemic, it appears Apple's plans to release products remain on course. Following word that a budget-friendly phone called the iPhone SE is set to debut this month, the MacBook clan will be getting at least one new offering in May.

It will be codenamed J and is believed to be a refresh of the existing inch model. He also added that there is a chance that the screen display could be upgraded to inches via Twitter. Before the leak, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had already mentioned that Apple would be unveiling a couple of MacBooks this year. One already came out last month in the MacBook Air sporting a new keyboard.

Connecting the claims of Prosser, it appears there is reason to believe that the next one coming out would be the inch MacBook Pro with scissor keyboards. But aside from the inch display bump, other details for the next Apple notebook offering remain limited, Mac Rumors reported. The current inch MacBook Pro still makes use of the butterfly keyboards of old.

For those who may not know, there are issues tied up to this especially during prolonged spells. The keys could become stick and unresponsive due to wear and tear but all that could be resolved if Kuo's claim is true that the next models are coming with scissor keyboards. The previous model created quite a fuss, forcing the Cupertino company to issue a free repair program worldwide in Other than the display and keyboard, another key improvement is likely on the processor. More specs may potentially come out in the coming weeks if the leak of Prosser is accurate.

macbook pro 2020 redesign

But like the upcoming iPhone SE, it will be interesting if the sales numbers will be hit. Some may be interested but no thanks to the COVID pandemic, consumers may save up to buy it later on if not pass due to budget constraints. Apple might release a new keyboard with the upcoming inch MacBook Pro. Related Stories.

Join the Discussion.At this stage, exact release dates are a matter of speculation, but some clues have started to become clear as to when the next MacBook Pro could launch. We were expecting an Apple event on March 31 where Apple was to launch a new MacBook Pro 13, but the coronavirus outbreak stopped that. When will the next MacBook Pro update come?

Well, most sources say there are actually two updates in the works. The first is a smaller update to the inch MacBook Pro, which could be scheduled for this spring. Prosser says the refresh could come in Aprilthough he recently restated that it could come in May. The other school of thought comes from well-regarded Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has also predicted that Apple will launch a Apple did something similar last year when it launched a MacBook Pro 15 in the summer, then the MacBook Pro 16 in the winter.

The MacBook Air was upgraded in mid-March with much more capable processors, and it now effectively competes with the entry-level MacBook Pro 13adding to the growing feeling that the MacBook Pro will also be updated any day now. And what about the price? Well, this is even more elusive than the release date, with no firm data coming from any sources. However, once again we can use a little lateral thinking to make a decent guess at what the MacBook Pro might cost.

The main clue comes in the form of the inch MacBook Pro, which kept the exact same price tag of the MacBook Pro 15, despite offering a new form factor and features.

As stated earlier, Apple could launch a small update to the inch MacBook Pro this spring. If it follows the lead of the MacBook Air update, there are a few key areas that could get updated.

The first is the Magic Keyboard.

macbook pro 2020 redesign

You can also expect refreshed processors from Intel, bumping it from 8th-generation to 10th-generation Ice Lake. Apple could also increase the starting storage, which is currently a measly GB. When Apple launched the MacBook Pro inch in Decemberit chose to bring its new features to this model only. That meant the smaller MacBook Pro 13 stayed the same — the same thick bezels, the same butterfly keyboard, the same everything.

That always felt like a temporary situation, especially when the positive reviews started pouring in for the vastly improved keyboard, better thermal architecture and more modern look and feel.

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We find it hard to believe Apple would want to restrict these features to the inch model only; a revamped MacBook Pro 13 — complete with better keyboard and thinner bezels allowing for a larger display — is surely on the way. There are clues in recent EEC filings that indicate that the leaked device is part of the same family as the MacBook Pro, with the A model number being prime among them.

That means we can expect the inch MacBook Pro to have a similar spec sheet to the incher: A Magic Keyboard with improved travel; slimline screen bezels; the Touch Bar with a physical Esc key and Touch ID button; and a new cooling system to extract more performance from the internal components.

This would let the backlighting white balance to be dynamically adjusted based on the ambient light around you, helping make it a little more comfortable on your eyes in certain conditions. Over time, the MacBook Pro has built up a reputation for its stellar display, which boasts exceptional brightness, a wide color gamut, and low color error rates. Yet recent rumors suggest that those screens are set to get even better.

According to reputable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is working on a Mini-LED display that will dramatically ramp up the quality, and we are already seeing this technology proliferate in high-end monitors launching in Kuo reckons this tech will launch in the There are a few caveats.We're optimistic about the MacBook Pro, with good reason — and we've finally got details about when the next will arrive.

After years of users myself included complaining about Apple's uncomfortable and unreliable keyboards, the company finally switched things up at the end of Our MacBook Pro inch, review showed why that update, which made it to our best laptops list, was so important.

Not only does its Magic Keyboard feel great and likely offer better reliabilitybut its sound is wildly impressive and its battery lasted almost 11 hours. And so we're already on the hunt for MacBook Pro rumors. Rumors of an Apple event taking place on March 31 have since fallen by the wayside, due to coronavirus concerns.

Apple isn't holding off on product releases, though, as it just dropped the iPad Pro and the MacBook Air which has the right keyboard in press releases on the morning of March Additionally, March is a little early in the year for something like this. That spreads the window of possible releases pretty widely, but gives us hot-spots in the summer and fall.

A new report says that Apple will release its updated MacBook Pro 13 — one with the keyboard we want and the one we deserve — this June. It comes from the highly regarded Chinese analyst Ming-Chi Kuowho also says the MacBook Air will also get this upgrade at the same time.

Apple's new MacBook Air costs $999 and has a great new keyboard — here's how to order it now

I hope you've been saving. Since a MacBook Pro would likely stay just as powerful — if not more become brawny — we doubt there will be a price drop. At the same time, I expect Apple to try and keep pricing as-is, to try and avoid gripes that Apple's charging even more for a trustworthy keyboard. How bad is the butterfly-style keyboard that's still in the inch MacBook Pro?

The key mechanisms inside every MacBook Pro key Apple's released since were so problematic that Apple launched a repair program inand the company even apologized — saying they were " sorry " for keyboard woes — in Not to sound like a broken record, but we need the MacBook Pro to ditch the scissor-switch key mechanisms, and ditching the Butterfly-style keyboard switches that Oscar winner Taika Waititi lambasted at the Academy Awards.

Tom's Guide. Best Laptops : Our top picks MacBook Pro inch, review Rumors of an Apple event taking place on March 31 have since fallen by the wayside, due to coronavirus concerns. MacBook Pro release date A new report says that Apple will release its updated MacBook Pro 13 — one with the keyboard we want and the one we deserve — this June. MacBook Pro price I hope you've been saving.

We'll keep this story up to date with the next leaks, rumors and other MacBook pro news Protect your online security with the best Mac VPN. Topics Apple. See all comments 0. No comments yet Comment from the forums.The new MacBook Pro is going to sport new hardware updates. This is according to new MacBook Pro leaks. The world has also seen during the March launch of the latest iPad Pro the unveiling of the so-called Magic Keyboard for the said device.

It comes with better pointer support within the iPadOS, a trackpad, along with scissor-switch keys for its keyboard. Yes, it seems that Apple is focusing its marketing efforts on the iPad Pro. Apart from receiving a new form factor, it also has an amped-up software and a multitude of online advertisements.

The MacBook Air also receives some love from the tech-giant as it now comes with some hardware updates along with the new keyboard. Now, with regard to the exact release date of the next MacBook Proinformation is still scarce. There are some rumors, though, that give some clues for the agog Apple fans out there. There are some that say Apple is cooking a big event for March 31, in which the company is going to unwrap its new MacBook Pro 13, according to Digital Trends.

However, some say the date is earlier in the year than the company usually unveils its new MacBook Pro models. Want more updates about new travel gadgets?

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MacBook Pro 2020 rumors, release date, price, keyboard and specs

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Learn More. The MacBook Pro is a device many have been looked forward to for several years, with the much-maligned butterfly keyboard souring the inch model for numerous iterations. From a new keyboard to improved speakers and, in the case of the inch, remarkably fitting a bigger screen into the same form-factor.

The majority of reports still point to this Q2 release period, with new information emerging this week to back up this speculation further.

Even I Can’t Hate the 16” Macbook Pro 2019

Related: Best Laptop However, with global supply chains affected by the current COVID situation, there remains uncertainty over many product releases. Prosser has previously reported information on Google products that have turned out to be accurate, only recently turning his attention to Apple.

The MacBook Pro price is unconfirmed — with the release of the laptop itself not yet announced.

2020 MacBook Pro Release Rumors: 13-Inch Variant With Scissors Keyboards Coming May

With rumours of a significant display upgrade via analyst Ming-Chi Kuowe could be set for a price rise — however, this remains speculation at this stage. Conversely, Apple is known for keeping the prices of new models the same as the previous generation — having refrained from lowering the cost throughout the products lifecycle. Apple fans have been long crying out for an updated keyboard. Thankfully, the company obliged with the recently released MacBook Pro inch.

Fans of the smaller MacBook Pro inch will now be hoping the change makes its way down in The technology saw Apple seemingly give up on its butterfly switch keyboard and return to a scissor switch-based version — called the Magic Keyboard. Related: Best MacBook Air alternatives. Along with the change in screen size, Kuo says Apple is set to adopt new Mini LED display technology across a variety of its products — including the new Mini LED enables the development of thinner and lighter devices with little effect on screen quality.

The rumours and analyst reports of this change are widespread and come from some notable sources. Related: Best student laptops. Thankfully, a new leak has further reaffirmed what many already believed — that 10th Gen Ice Lake processors are coming to MacBook Pro The recent release of the MacBook Airwhich sports the 10th Gen Intel Ice Lake specs, further adds weight to the notion that the new MacBook Pro model is sure to adopt these latest chips.

All other specs options will likely remain similar to what is on offer now.

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There is the possibility that Apple could drop the GB base model for the refresh with some believing that to be a little too small of a storage solution for modern users. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly review everything we recommend, using industry standard tests to evaluate products.

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