Blade and soul highest dps class 2019

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Blade and soul highest dps class 2019

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There are multiple builds in Blade and Souland many players, especially beginners can't figure our which class should they choose.

Therefore, our Joymmo. Also, if you are looking to upgrade weapons for your character, you can purchase materials with Cheap Blade and Soul Gold from our website.

Now let's dive in, shall we? All the available builds can be divided into 3 general classes: tank, melee DPS, and ranged DPSand there's quite a distinction to them. Ranged DPS classes are capable of dealing damage anywhere from melee range out to 16m from the boss. Tank class in Blade and Soul isn't taking damage, but blocking and avoid damage, dancing around the boss and positioning it, so your teammates don't get hit by the boss.

Each class in Blade and Soul has 2 possible elemental builds as follows:. Blade Master : Their spammable block, reliable aggro generators, their long-lasting party invincibility frame, and the ability to strafe the boss degrees quickly makes them the better tank than Kung Fu Masters in certain endgame dungeons.

Kung Fu Master : Commonly regarded as the "offensive tank" because of their spammable block, reliable aggro generators, and multiple party offensive buffs. Destroyer : A melee damage class with a boss grabbing ability which not only extends crowd controls but also lets everyone else do a highly damaging restraint skill, a long-lasting party invincibility frame, and the ability to rescue and protect downed party members.

Force Master : A ranged DPS class with a long-lasting party invincibility frame, an anti-projectile shroud, and rescue and protect downed party members. Assassin : A melee jack-of-all-trades utility class, as well as melee DPS, with offensive party buffs, anti-projectile shroud, short but stealth party invincibility frame, the ability to rescue but not protect downed party members, and the only class with the ability to stealth their party past trash mobs before bosses.

Summoner : A ranged supportive utility class that brings strong DPS, with effective party healing, a mass party resurrection, a projectile shroud that doubles as a protection for downed party members, short party invincibility frame that stealths, moderately effective grab, and temporary aggro taunt from their cat familiar. Blade Dancer : A melee DPS class with a boss grab that lets everyone else use a special highly damaging skill while under grab and a good party invincibility frame similar to that of Blade Master.

Warlock : A ranged DPS class with a unique offensive buff that lets everyone else use a special highly damaging skill. Soul Fighter : A melee DPS class with effective party healing and a more reliable mass party resurrection, as well as a low-damage ranged stance.

Their ability to increase maximum party health is required in some instances. Gunslinger : A ranged DPS class with the ability to reset cooldowns and global cooldowns of other class's party invincibility frames, revives, and buffs. After a short view of each build in Blade and Soul, you can have a general idea of each build are featured. As with which class should you choose in Blade and Soul? Realistically the answer is "whatever looks cool" and "whatever you enjoy more" because ultimately this is a game and you should play what you like.

However this isn't the case. I would say the best way to figure out what to play is to watch a bunch of more recent videos on the classes and see how each one plays. All Games. Contact Us. Sell To Us. Home News.Class Description: Assassins utilize agility, cunning, and unique stealth techniques to catch opponents off-guard. Using traps and lighting-fast attacks, disciplined Assassins can eliminate their opponents before they have time to counter.

Use Stealth to get the drop on your enemies. A Smoke Screen can provide cover for your allies. Definitely one of the most complex and rewarding BnS classes, Assassins control the battlefield through Lightning and Void elemental damage, and well-timed combos. They can use Stealth during fights, and employ a wide array of CC spells that can confuse their enemies, and make them shine in PvP. Class Description: Blade Dancers use quick sword strikes to carve through opponents. These versatile warriors can deploy their inner chi to cripple a single foe or unleash whirling attacks to take out several enemies at once.

Use Phantom Grip to grab and throw an enemy into the air. Call forth a Flock of Blades to protect yourself or strike down your opponent. Similar to Blade Masters, but tailored for the Lyn race, Blade Dancers offer tremendous damage output, for the expense of defensive capabilities. Class Description: Blade Masters are balanced fighters who wield their swords with surgical precision.

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Their versatility allows them to both evade enemy attacks and cut down their foes with devastating accuracy. The Block skill can effectively mitigate incoming attacks. The Blade Call skills can target distant opponents. Class Description: Wielding enormous axes, Destroyers are front-line fighters capable of cutting their way through the middle of any melee. Destroyers use brute strength to absorb attacks, pick up their opponents, and annihilate multiple assailants at once.

Use Grab to hold an opponent and let your allies dish out damage. Use Stone Shield to defend yourself from attacks. Always in the front lines, Destroyers make for the best stopping power in BnS. They take advantage of stunned opponents with their signature Grabs, and oh are they full of stuns! Class Description: Harnessing their inner chi, Force Masters manipulate the elements to assault their enemies from afar, torching them with flames, freezing them with ice, and unleashing blasts of concentrated energy to keep them at a distance.

Deploy a Divine Veil to protect nearby allies. Force Masters are the mages of BnS, and they fill the role just fine! Class Description: Gunslingers use dual pistols and grappling hooks to unleash devastating combos and support their allies. Use your grappling hook to move into the air, dodge attacks, and ambush your opponents. Let out an Alpha Call to enhance the abilities of your allies.

They also use a unique grappling hook, that can prove very helpful in both offensive and defensive situations. Class Description: Kung Fu Masters are living, breathing weapons capable of destroying opponents with nothing but their own physical prowess and a pair of armored fists. These agile melee fighters specialize in counter-attacks and grappling. Best for experienced players.

Use Counter skills to block and damage the attacker. Use Grapple to lower the guard of an opponent and dish out massive damage. Their playstyle is based around counter-attacks that lead to long combo chains with great damage output, so knowing your opponents is crucial to your success.

By switching stances, these warrios can adapt theirs skills to any fight. Use the Focus Chi skill to instantly recover your chi and use strong combo attacks.Before starting my Warlock, I looked every possible class guide on the Internet so I could pick a class I won't regret.

blade and soul highest dps class 2019

Well now I'm pretty far in the story just got lvl. Personally I find warlock pretty difficult to play, I mess up my DPS rotation, the cooldowns are too long and after a few monsters I need to just stand still and wait for my abilities to come up again. Pretty frustrating. I also can't time the block with my [1]. So what I'm looking for is a class that has high sustain and can solo most bosses not dungeon bossesso basically high DPS.

blade and soul highest dps class 2019

A class that's fairly easy to play, in comparison to Warlock. Also I'd like the class to be viable late game. I heard some big patch is coming in December or something and I wouldn't want to start a class now, when in December the class becomes useless.

My ping is pretty stable, something between ms I guess. I appreciate all answer, thanks. With that ping play anything you want lol.

But since you want a easy DPS High mobility, good burst and sustain, semi brainded. What about soulfighter? Are they also easy to play?

Blade & Soul – Class Guide for New Players – 11 Classes & What to Play

Gunner looks pretty cool but seems as it gets boring after a while since it looks like it's all about spamming. Your best bet would be gunner. If you play Frost, yes. The basics are pretty simple Z is a burst that instantly gives a full 5 stacks and quickly builds up more after for a short time.

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Tab gives you a ranged stance, but it's pretty basic as well - use V whenever it's up and do 2 lmbs and an rmb. Generally, melee stance does more damage overall, but ranged stance has a heal on X and a full party res on C. Still, Gunslinger is probably the single most simple class to play.

Fire is a little burstier and relies a bit on RNG, while Shadow works on maintaining and using a special gauge. Either way, it's commonly a matter of holding RMB and using certain skills at the right time tapping LMB to recover focus whenever needed.

blade and soul highest dps class 2019

Gunner and the new warden can sustain dps pretty easily. Now, if you want for your warlok to have more skills available, go to your K menu and check for skills that have the least cool down timers.

I wouldn't suggest you to pick soul fighter simply because it's melee. So being melee means you have to do your rotation and mechanics while blocking and dodging attacks. Meanwhile range can just dps at a safe distance and do the mechanics. I would say these classea are new player friendly. Also dont know if you know you can try all classes for free at training area. When you create class press not from lvl 1 but lvl 50 at the end.

This will enable you to test that class with all their skills.

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And you only need to buy lv 50 voucher if you want to go in game straight with lvl If not you just delete that char and create it lvl 1 and lvl yourself. That way you can pretty much test all classes and find which one you would like the most :.

I can't say on all of the classes, but of those that I have played a fair amount. Ranked from easy to hard.There is no mechanic in this game based on it's current content that would inspire this to happen either.

I do believe that SSP needs reworking further to make it beneficial for melee classes all together, as right now, even with it's recent change, it doesn't seem to have done much good in improving that situation for melees.

I value them on my team in both PVE and PVP, and it seems most people do as well or at least, if not value, then definitely not disdain. You aren't supposed to be the highest DPS class, as far as i know, it was never presented to be that either.

You have an amazing ability to survive in both pvp and pve, which is a great asset to any team, especially if other classes are working together to make each member benefit from their class's existence in the team. I've read this thread up and down, I see many complaints, but nothing that seem of substance. Some classes looking at you BMs lol are a bit broken to say the least right now, but I don't think the solution is to break more classes to compensate for it.

Destroyers hold their own and do plenty of damage and don't require baby sitting in pvp or pve, which means you're an asset rather than a liability. The balance in this game is far from perfect and in some cases down right brokenhence why balance patches are always on their way.

Balance in multi-class games is one of the most difficult things to perfect if it's even possible while still having diversity among the classes. I also have issues with balance in my class too like several other classes as wellbut if my name doesn't pop up in the top 4 dpsers in a party or something, then it certainly doesn't mean i'm worthless or didn't contribute. Destroyer, if I'm not mistaken is supposed to be the "1 man army" style class in this game.

I don't see why it would be a party buffing support class. It'd also be ridiculous to think it would have highest DPS, as that would just be extremely over powered given it's kit. We have another balance patch soon to release on our servers, let's see what how it effects things. My hope is that it'll bring us closer to balance among the classes, but until I see it's effects with my own eyes, I'll just keep my hopes up until then.

Every class wants to be the hardest to kill, or be the highest DPS. Home News And Guides. I don't understand the concept with this to be quite honest.

I've never seen a destroyer denied a group because they are a destroyer. Now back to the topic of this conversation.

Balance in multi-class games is one of the most difficult things to perfect if it's even possible while still having diversity among the classes Some classes even as equally geared are going to out damage you, sorry to break it to you.

Again, this content is not hard at the moment, so don't fret just yet lol. I value destroyers on my teams, pve and pvp. I've never seen destroyers get kicked from any party because they were a destroyer. So, the class can't even come close to being called "useless" in pve. Hot Products. Blade And Soul Gold. Blade-soul Top News.By fatkidSeptember 30, in General Discussion.

There is no best class. All classes are viable and constantly getting buffed and nerfed. There may be a flavor of the month class but could change quickly with an update. First tell us what kind of gameplay you enjoy range-melee tank -dps-support and so on. Like other ppl said there is no best pve class as classes dps changes with balancing updates. Can't say which is best but easiest at the moment and by a lot I must add Gunner and warden. I'm a total noob with lowly gear, and as a gunner I managed to solo stuff like heaven mandate and naryu labyrinth stuff that the pros soloed long ago, I know, but lemme remind you how bad I am as a player.

It's so easy to pull massive DPS from a gunner with just a few skills. On my warden, I started soloing midnight skypetal up to actually killing the level 1 sacred longuii. The thing comes with like 11 million HP.

For a "tank", warden also does a fair amount of damage, but you have to keep track of both your HP and Resiliency counter. KFM can be a total god in the right hands. Not so sure about BD, but it's a class I feel has so much potential. Let me get this simply, if you like melee class pick warden, because warden can be tank, dps and give buff, if you like range, go for warlock, buff and dps, and best aoe skill in pve. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

It's easy! General Discussion. Recommended Posts. Posted September 30, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. They have big axes. If you like to press keyboard, go sin, kfm, if you are brain dead go gunner or sum.

Posted October 1, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Register a new account.By MagicwillowFebruary 9, in General Discussion. Hi everyone. Witch class would you suggest? Going to do some pve and 1v1. Since you want to do arena pvp 1v1, 3v3 then I wouldn't recommend the gunslinger.

They suck in arena pvp but are good in 6v6 because it's gear dependent and of course they have good dps and are good for pve. If doing pvp is part of your primary focus then sin would be your next best class. Though I wouldn't classify them as easy to play but they are top tier dps. Gunner just get buffed in Korea. Kr players use it even in tournaments. It is pretty strong now even in arena.

I don't think there is a higher burst available currently than Fire Gunslinger. It's pretty much the biggest thing about the class on the whole. As for outright DPS There's a reason people were complaining about Fire Gunslingers dominating ToI's overall rankings with over 1 million DPS although, to be fair, you need to get all the stars to align in order to pull that off regardless and it's a very narrow view of the class as a whole.

They're also surprisingly easy to play. They don't need a lot of investment to be decent either. Honestly, start one out and try it if you wanna see and if you don't get into it, no stopping you from deleting it.

Fire gunner is top. Even nerfed at Kr. And its logical Cuz class using "guns". Also it might be a few months before we get the update.

It is 2 months old already in kr, we should get them soon. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! General Discussion. Recommended Posts.

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Posted February 9, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Force Master. Posted February 10, Posted February 11, Posted February 12, edited. Posted April 7, edited.By deathleecherJune 29, in Dungeons. So with the soul fighter out now, what class dose the most dps? Is it still assasin or force master or? Assassin was only top dps in vanilla.

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Summoner was a strong 2nd before Silverfrost but now shares that place. Warlock was on par with Summoner before it was nerfed, now it's in the lower half of the dps barrel. All other classes are in the lower dps tier. Your friends are living in a dream world.

It's just a difficult class to master. Think of it as a high dps version of a KFM. You have to do a lot of different crap to achieve the best outcome. Summoner foi um forte segundo antes Silverfrost mas agora compartilha esse lugar. You should probably play all classes at the highest meta before commenting with your own personal experience. Your anecdotal experiences mean absolutely nothing in the grand scale of the large sample that is the Korean playerbase. You're posting a video without all of the top dps classes I mentioned, hence showing no comparison, and suggesting that i'm the stupid one?

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You even say "this is the chart after the newly introduced amulets" and then proceed in not providing any chart. How you compare What the best dps is. You take Every class in the same instance, take that data, put it together and see who is on top.

So to link 1 single video wont say who is top dps. You need to look at ALOT of video to get the right answer. Well youtube is a huge platform where you can find dozens of videos of other classes but i'll search them for you because i'm a kind man - all you have to do is compare them.

Sin - hit hard as hell with good modifiers and have high skill frequency which is why they are ranked 1st. FM - hit probably the hardest of all classes but with less frequency hence they get beaten by sins.

BD - deal less dmg per hit but hit very fast frequent as assassin so they are actually more of a dps class than KFM but i think they are about equal.


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